Epoxy Coatings

Types of Epoxy Coating

We offer epoxy coatings for garages, trailers, basements, sheds, patios, and commercial flooring. Let us transform your space into one you love. Once we get started, you’ll be back in your space within 24 hours. There are many colors and flake styles to choose from, reach out to us and we will get you started with a quote.

The Polyaspartic cure we use is quicker and has a higher solids content which means you’re getting a much stronger and longer lasting floor. The Polyaspartic is 98% solid where as the majority of epoxies are 75-80% solid.

Flake & Standard Epoxy Color Examples

There are many types of finishes for you to choose from. We can match and design color patterns to whatever project you’re working on.

The Process

We can get the job done in a day. And you can have all of your things back into your garage including your vehicle is 24 hours after we finish!

Step 1

Diamond Grind Surface

The number one reason why epoxy floors fail is because they were not prepped properly. We want your floor to last a lifetime, that’s why we put in the extra work to diamond grind your floor. Creating a permanent bond you must grind the floor to take off the smooth cream layer. By doing this the pores will open up, making it look like salt and pepper. This will allow the epoxy to absorb into the pores of the slab creating a mechanical adhesion.

Step 2

Crack and Chip Repair

After grinding the floor we will fill all cracks, chips, and spalling with the best chemicals; this will ensure the lifetime of your floor. This process is extremely crucial for your floor to up hold  the every day use in extreme conditions.

Step 3

Epoxy Base Coat

Next it’s time to clean, leaving the floor dust free. This is a very important step and we make sure that everything is smooth and prepared. Once the floor is prepped we can now start applying our two part solid pigment epoxy. 

Epoxy Flooring St. George

Step 4

Decorative Flakes

Choose from over 20 different color options to get the look and feel you want. In this step we throw the flakes in an even pattern so your floor looks consistent and flawless. This is where you start to see your dream come true. We love this step, we finally get to see our hard work come to life.

Step 5

Clear Top Coat

When the flakes have been spread we wait for a period of time until the epoxy has cured. Once it’s ready we scrape, sweep and vacuum all the excessive flakes getting rid of any stragglers. After the flakes have been cleaned up it’s time to apply the top coat. We use a high gloss, durable two part polyaspartic top coat. This will leave your floor glowing over a lifetime without any fading or yellowing.