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We specialize in custom epoxy coatings for garage floors and other concrete services using high end industrial grade products.



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We are a small, family owned business located in Lindon, Utah. Our mission is to give you quality and efficient service to get the finish you want. We do coatings and concrete services for both residential and commercial locations. We look forward to working with you!

Why Would I Need An Epoxy Garage Floor?

There are many advantages to having an epoxy garage floor which makes it a very popular option as a garage floor coating. It can be a very attractive option as it can be finished in a great many manners. It is also very, very hard-wearing, which, in a garage, is an invaluable attribute to have.

Epoxy floors are considerably cheaper than polyaspartic floor coating, which, while it is slightly more hard-wearing, is far less cost-effective. Epoxy flake floors offer a far more attractive finish, with the option of having different colored flakes to give a unique and endlessly fascinating looking garage epoxy flooring. As garage floors go, epoxy flake flooring is always going to be a conversation starter when you’re showing your friends your new car or motorbike; your flooring will add an extra element to your impressive setup.

What happens if I spill anything on the epoxy floor?

Epoxy garage flooring is very resistant to water and other liquids, so whenever you spill something from your vehicles while you’re working on them, it should be a relatively straightforward process to clean it up.

Do epoxy floors require much maintenance?

In terms of regular maintenance, there is very little you need to do for your epoxy garage floor coating beyond a simple sweep and mop once a week. Regularly keeping dirt and other small particles off of the floor will boost the longevity of the flooring immensely. Then all you need to do is keep it generally clean and always clean up spills.